Are You Looking for Formal Online Firearms Training?

Are You:

Military or Law Enforcement wanting to better understand the tools of your trade?

An Instructor looking for a course to offer your students?

A firearms enthusiast, or someone who interacts with firearms on a regular basis?

Someone new to the sport or topic of firearms who wants a logical progression of learning, which will provide an in depth understanding of modern small arms?



The Fundamentals of Modern Small Arms Course is our 1st course offered, and has been designed to offer students a solid background in modern firearms. It is ideal for those that interact with small arms on a regular basis, or those new to the topic. For people already established in their field, the Fundamentals of Modern Small Arms Course will provide a solid grounding to back up their current knowledge.

- This is formal online classroom training, similar to that found
in any military small arms school around the world.

- It consists of 20 classroom lectures + revision for each topic,
taking approximately one week of evenings to complete.

- On course completion students are offered the chance to
complete a short exam to confirm their knowledge. Successful
students will receive a certificate from armsLOGIC stating they
have satisfied the requirements of the course.

- Every student will receive a free gift, in the form of a
downloadable 20 page eBook in printable PDF format, to use
throughout the course, or to refer back to at anytime.

Every student receives a free downloadable 20 page eBook in printable PDF format

This is NOT:

Safety training,

Operator training, or

Gunsmith training.

This is formal training on the fundamentals of modern small arms.

Although this course has been optimised for both desktops and mobiles, it is highly recommended that students take the Fundamentals of Modern Small Arms course on a desktop computer or tablet.

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